2019 MIPPAC at The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne hosted the MIPPAC-2019, a 5-day gathering of researchers from Melbourne University and its academic partners from India, that included students’ conference and academic workshop followed by a trip to the Great Ocean Road.

The program was meticulously carved by the organizing committee under the guidance of Prof Ashokkumar Muthupandian, A/Prof Meenakshi Arora and Prof Udaya Parampalli.

MIPPAC-2019 Programme

The Organizing Team for MIPPAC-2019

(From left) Naveena, Joydip Mondal, Pooja Pandey, Prof Ashokkumar Muthupandian, Dr Mukesh Soni, Arunjunai, Amrish Kumar, Pawan Kumar and A/Prof Meenakshi Arora. (Team members not in the picture: Abhishek Mondal, Prof Udaya Parampalli and Nisha Mehta).

Like the previous edition MIPPC-2017, this conference provided an intellectually stimulating environment for researchers from UoM and partnering institutions to strengthen existing collaborations and foster new partnerships. MIPPAC-2019 started on 9th Dec 2019 with very strong support from UoM Chancellery team, Deans of both Melbourne School of Engineering and Faculty of Science as well as leaders from all the partner institutions. The conference was attended by over 70 people including academics from partnering Indian institutions, 31 MIPP/A PhD students and UoM academics.

The 2019 edition of the formal report on MIPP/MIPA activities was launched by Prof McCluskey in the plenary session on day 1 of MIPPAC-2019.

Plenary Session (Day 1 Morning)

Conference (Day 1 and 2)

Conference Dinner at MCG (Day 1 evening)

Panel Discussion (Day 2 Afternoon)

Academic Workshop (Day 3 and 4)

Field Trip to Great Ocean Road (Day 5)