Abhisek Mondal

Research summary:

During my PhD I will investigate the transport phenomenon of the surface modified bimetallic iron nanoparticles through the porous media with a special focus on the identification of the mechanism or mechanisms controlling the mobility of the nanoparticle.

In particular, I am exploring the effect of solution chemistry (i.e. pH, ionic strength and natural organic matter) relevant to subsurface geochemical condition with a provision to evaluate the effect of ionic composition. Furthermore, the impact of porous media heterogeneity on the transport potential of the synthesized nanoparticles will be evaluated through lab scale column study. In addition to this, aggregation coupled transport model will be developed to incorporate the deposition and detachment phenomenon of the nanoparticles within the porous matrix. The aim of the study is to identify the mechanism significantly affecting the subsurface transport of nanoparticles applied for in situ site remediation application and to develop a model helpful for site remediation application.

Project Duration: 2018-2022


Student Profile:

I started my PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in January 2018, and I am enrolled in the University of Melbourne from July 2019 to June 2021 as part of my Dual Doctoral Program under MIPA. During my stay in India I am investigating the applicability of the synthesized nanoparticle for treating hexavalent chromium contaminated water. While in Melbourne I’ll be focusing on the transport portion of my research objectives. I fulfilled my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Jadavpur University, India and Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.

My main professional goal is finding environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for site remediation industries. I enjoys teamwork, learning new techniques and facing challenges, and I speak Bengali, Hindi and English.

In my spare time I like practising sports, playing Sarod and photography.

Contact email: abhisek.mondal@iitkgp.ac.in

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=IM-63YsAAAAJ&hl=en

Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Abhisek_Mondal5


Abhisek Mondal, Rajneesh Kumar, Mohammad Jawed, “Performance and Morphological Changes in Aerobic Sludge Biomass Under Stressed Condition Imposed with Copper(II) in Feed” Vijay P. Singh, Shalini Yadav, Ram Narayan Yadava, Water Quality Management, pp. 421-429, Singapore, Springer, 2018.