Mayank Bhasin

Research Project Title: Spatio Temporal Structure of Object Representation 

Research summary: 

Experimenting and modelling nano self assembly through Reprecipitation, Miniemulsion and PhotoAggregation

Project Duration: 2019 – 2022



I completed my undergraduate degree in ComperScience at IIT Kharagpur and have worked as a J2EE architect where my steering projects and tasks were focussed on Machine Learning, Vision and Embedded Systems.

In my PhD I am working to explore complex networks, graph theoretic and machine learning techniques to model and predict nano self assembly better. I am also injecting learnings from self assembly patterns into behavioural modelling over social media.

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Mohapatra, D.P., Kumar, R., Mall, R., Kumar, D.S. and Bhasin, M., 2006. Distributed dynamic slicing of Java programs. Journal of Systems and Software, 79(12), pp.1661-1678.