Shreshtha Kumar Gupta

Research Summary:

During my Doctoral research, my aim will be focus on the investigation  of near-wall combustion phenomena/flame-wall interaction which is  found in almost all the practical combustors. It has various adverse  effects such as the reduction in combustion efficiency, increase in pollutant emissions, and lowering in combustor liner (or wall) life.

In particular, I will be focussing on to gain the in-depth understanding of the thermal, flow, and species profiles of the flame wall interaction region. To achieve the above-mentioned objective, a premixed burner to stabilize the flame adjacent to a water-cooled stainless steel tube will be manufactured. Then, we plan to measure CO concentration profile using the Two-Photon Laser-Induced Fluorescence (TP-LIF) technique, the wall-surface temperature using Thermographic Phosphorous (TP), the gas phase temperature using Rayleigh Thermometry (RT), and quenching distance using OH Laser-Induced Fluorescence (OH-LIF) in the near-wall region.

Project Duration: Jan 2018 – Dec 2021

Supervisors: The University of Melbourne: Dr. Robert Gordon, Associate Professor Yi Yang / Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur: Dr. Vaibhav Arghode

Student Profile:

I started my doctoral research at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in January 2018, and I will be enrolled in the University of Melbourne for two years starting from September 2019 to August 2021 as part of the MIPA program. During my stay in Melbourne, we have planned to estimate the wall surface temperature and CO concentration level during flame-wall interaction, while in Kanpur I am focused in assembling the suitable experimental facility and measure the gas phase temperature in the near-wall region.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Raebareli, India and graduate degree in Aerospace engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

My primary aim to explore the physics behind the near-wall region during combustion phenomenon using advanced laser diagnostics technique. I enjoy the teamwork, learning new techniques and facing challenges.

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