Bosirul Hoque

During my PhD research over the last three and half years, I have investigated the impact of crosslinking agents on the existing polymer inclusion membrane. Polymer inclusion membrane is a special type of liquid membrane which do the job of solvent extraction in terms of separating different analytes. It has also other application in the field of chemical sensing, monitoring the environmental pollution etc. Although polymer inclusion membrane mimics the function of solvent extraction and make the separation process more environmentally friendly, its robustness and separation rate are need to be improved.

In particular, I am focusing on the role of different crosslinking agent in improving the polymer inclusion membrane efficiency in terms of faster separation and longer stability. Crosslinking agent with different functional group has been tested and selected to prepare homogeneous membrane and their performance has been assessed in separating Zn(II) and SCN. Developed membrane has also been tested for recovering gold from electronic waste like old mobiles and computers.

Project Duration: 2015-2019


  • The University of Melbourne: Prof. Spas D. Kolev
  • IIT Kanpur: T.G. Gopakumar

Student Profile:

I started my PhD at the University of Melbourne in November 2015, and I was enrolled in the IIT Kanpur from July 2013 to June 2015 as part of my M.Sc. studies. During my M.Sc. I investigated the property of different synthetic peptide using Atomic force microscopy (AFM) while in Melbourne I will be focusing on the effect crosslinking agent in polymer inclusion membrane. Membrane’s morphology has been investigated to analyse the effect of crosslinking agent on morphology change and subsequent change in membrane separation process. I fulfilled my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Kalyani, Kolkata, India.

My main professional goal is finding environmentally and economically sustainable ways to separate different metallic and non-metallic pollutants. I enjoys teamwork, learning new techniques and facing challenges, and I speak Bengali, English and some Hindi.

In my spare time I like practising sports, watching news and read political story.

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