Dinesh Srikar Karra

Understanding Interfacial phenomenon and drop coalescence in oil-water systems relevant to enhanced oil recovery and solvent extraction

My research project is about understanding the adsorption dynamics of surface active species on the colloidal particles and its influence on altering the hydrodynamic boundary conditions. The first part of my project is to study the adsorption dynamics through transport phenomena of bubbles and later to investigate the interfacial phenomena and drop coalescence in oil water systems.

Project Duration: 2018-2021


The University of Melbourne: Prof. Raymond Dagastine and Prof. Dalton Harvie, Department of Chemical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering

GR Student Profile:

I started my PhD at the University of Melbourne in February 2018 at Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering through Melbourne India Postgraduate Program (MIPP).

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University College of Engineering, Andhra Pradesh followed by a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from IIT- Madras.

My research focuses on the interactions between colloidal interfaces as well as physicochemical properties of such interfaces. To understand how two particles, interact with each other is not only an exciting scientific challenge, this knowledge also has great potential to transform research in the fields of colloid stability, food and cosmetic formulations, cell adhesion and in mineral processing.

In my spare time I like practising sports, cooking and travel.

Contact Email: dkarra@student.unimelb.edu.au