2020 ‘Life in Quarantine’ competitions

In June 2020, I2G hosted two competitions for members; one in photography and the other in essay writing. Both had the theme, ‘Life in Quarantine’. A selection of the 42 entries received are featured here.

Photography Competition

‘Eggs are First’ by Karra Dinesh Srikar
‘Who says that quarantine is boring?’ by Tanmay Agrawal
‘A journey from a man to a caveman’ by Manish Patel
‘Indians feast like a king’ by Manish Patel

Essay Writing Competition

1 – Tanmay Agrawal

2 – Manish Patel

3 – Sushma Reddy Chen Reddy

4 – Aakash Gupta

5 – Rachana Pathak

6 – Mukesh Soni