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  1. IISc Bangalore joins the Melbourne-India Postgraduate Academy

    The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc) has signed a joint PhD agreement with the University of Melbourne, becoming the latest partner in the Melbourne-India Postgraduate Academy …


  2. 2020 ‘Life in Quarantine’ competitions

    In June 2020, I2G hosted two competitions for members; one in photography and the other in essay writing. Both had the theme, ‘Life in Quarantine’. A …


  3. 2020 Holi Celebration

    On 6 March 2020, The I2G group organised a gathering for Holi in the Babel Theatre. Please enjoy this selection of photos from the event.   …


  4. 2019 I2G Sports Day


  5. 2019 Masterchef Competition


  6. 2019 Diwali Celebration and Cultural Night


  7. Arunjunai Raja Shankar Santha Kumar

    Polymerization in Green Solvents Research Project Summary: I am working on the controlled radical polymerisation of acrylates and methacryaltes. In particular, I study RAFT polymerisation in Ionic liquids. Ionic …


  8. Dibbendu Roy

    Policy Design for Fog computing in Optical Access Networks Research Project Summary: Modern technologies such as 5G, IoT, call for introduction of new computing paradigms such …


  9. Chinglen Meetei Tensubam

    Wave Induced Turbulence Effect on Oceanic Biogeochemistry and Prediction of Ocean Color Response to Changing Wave Climate Research Summary: My research is based on the relationship …


  10. A/Prof Meenakshi Arora – MIPP/ MIPA Director

    Dr Meenakshi Arora is the University of Melbourne’s MIPP/ MIPA Director. She is a Senior Lecturer and E Learning coordinator in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering …


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