Outreach: I2G

IIT/IISc Graduates or I2G is a GSA (Melbourne University) affiliated group of post-grad researchers from Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc). I2G was formed in August 2016 to provide the right work-life balance to Indian researchers pursuing their PhD. The core objectives of the I2G group are:

  • To enhance the academic and professional life of research graduate students of the University of Melbourne from IITs and IISc.
  • To enhance social interaction and promote the welfare of fellow graduate students within the group.
  • To act as a university-wide representative group of research graduate students from IITs and IISc.

The group was started with 39 members in 2016 and it has grown to 110 including ~25% of associate members. Membership of the I2G group is open to all graduate students of the University of Melbourne who are the alumni of IITs and IISc, and other researchers under the MIPP/MIPA scheme. The group is run by the executive committee elected by the members.

I2G Membership

To request membership of the group, please complete the form available here.

Formation of I2G Association in Aug-2016: I2G members with MIPP/MIPA Staff

Committee Members: 

2019-20 | (from left) Amrish, Pramod, Shubhra, Joydeep, Shreshtha kumar, Abhishek, Pooja and Arunujunai

  • Past Committees

    2016-17 | (Top row) Himanshu, Aakash, Dileep, Gijo  | (Bottom row) Jithin, Mukesh, Sanjay and Chinchu

    2017-18 | (from left) Nandakumar, Unni Krishnan, Surabhi, Neeta, Bigi, Krishna, Neesha and Siddhesh

    2018-19 | (Top row) Manish, Namrata, Sanchari | (Middle row) Debajit, Shaktivesh, Divya  | (Last row) Tushar, Tanmay and Shatabdi

Social Activities

The I2G committee, since its inception, has been organizing various social and informative events to promote networking, friendships, fun and personality development. Some of the events are featured below: