A/Prof Meenakshi Arora

Dr Meenakshi Arora is the University of Melbourne’s MIPP/ MIPA Director. She is a Senior Lecturer and E Learning coordinator in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne. She teaches Water and Waste Water Management, Groundwater Hydrology and supervises Masters and PhD students. Dr Arora currently co-supervises MIPA projects with Dr Brajesh K Dubey, and Dr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari from IIT Kharagpur.


Professor Muthupandian Ashokkumar (Ashok)

Professor Muthupandian Ashokkumar (Ashok) is the Deputy Director of MIPP / MIPA. He is a Physical Chemist who specializes in Sonochemistry, teaches undergraduate and postgraduate Chemistry and is a senior academic staff member of the School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne. Ashok is a renowned sonochemist, with more than 20 years of experience in this field, and has developed a number of novel techniques to characterize acoustic cavitation bubbles and has made major contributions of applied sonochemistry to the Materials, Food and Dairy industry. Ashok currently co-supervises MIPA projects with Nikhil K. Singha, Dr. Parthasarathi Gosh and Dr. Rajaram Lakkaraju from IIT Kharagpur.

Professor Alexander Babanin

Professor Alexander Babanin’s areas of expertise and research are wind-generated waves, maritime engineering, air-sea interactions, ocean turbulence, ocean mixing, climate, remote sensing of the ocean. He has produced more than 300 publications. Professor Babanin co-supervises a MIPA project with Mihir Kumar Dash from IIT Kharagpur.

Professor Tansu Alpcan

Tansu Alpcan‘s research involves applications of distributed decision making, game theory, communication and control to various security and resource allocation problems in networked and energy systems. Professor Alpcan co-supervises a MIPA project with Goutam Das from IIT Kharagpur.

Professor Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith is a spectroscopist in the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne. His primary interests are the development of super-resolution optical imaging methods and the use of ultrafast laser spectroscopy and time-resolved microscopy to study fast chemical processes, including energy transfer, electron transfer and excitons in polymers, nanocrystals and other materials. Prof Smith co-supervises a MIPA project with Pawan Goyal from IIT Kharagpur.

Professor Marcus Pandy

Marcus Pandy is appointed as Chair of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. Prof Pandy’s research career has focused on using computational models of the human musculoskeletal system to describe and explain muscle and joint function during functional activities such as walking. Prof Pandy co-supervises a MIPA project with Sujatha Srinivasan from IIT Madras.

A/Prof Greg Martin

Greg Martin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. His research in the field of bioprocess engineering aims to develop fundamental understanding for application in large-scale biotechnological processes. This has included research into the bioconversion of lignocellulose to ethanol, application of bacteriophage to wastewater treatment, and investigations into the physicochemical aspects of dairy processing. Dr Martin co-supervises a MIPA project with Hari Niwas Mishra from IIT Kharagpur.

Dr Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon is a Senior Lecturer in the Fluids and Thermal Sciences division of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Dr. Gordon’s research interests include: (1) the combustion of hydrogen, ethanol and alternative fuels, (2) industrial gas turbine efficiency and emissions, (3) fuel spray ignition and combustion for advanced internal combustion engines, and (4) Flame-Wall Interactions (FWI) and Flame-Cooling Hole interactions (FCAI) for pollutant control. Dr Gordon co-supervises a MIPA project with Dr Vaibhav Arghode from IIT Kanpur.

Professor Richard Sandberg

Richard Sandberg is Chair of Computational Mechanics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His main interest is in high-fidelity simulation of turbulent flows and the associated noise generation in order to gain physical understanding of flow and noise mechanisms and to help assess and improve low-order models that can be employed in an industrial context. Professor Sandberg co-supervises a MIPA project with Dr Abhijit Kushari from IIT Kanpur.